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February 3 | the giver of life (resources)

Excerpt: Today is the beginning of trekking my 5th decade.  Normally I do not wish to draw attention in this way, but only for the sake of sharing a few things of how I am spending the day in the hopes it encourages you to consider how to spend similar days when they cross your path. 

February 4 | Where is god – PArt 1 of 2 (article)

Excerpt: One of the terrible problems in the midst of pain is coming to the realization that the Bible never actually promises ease on this side of heaven. Yes, Jesus did miracles and he himself is off to prepare a place for us that we may be with him, where he is, when he returns.  But the miracles we read about in the Bible, which we, in part, long for for ourselves, are, in part, for the encouragement of our faith. Someday we will receive new bodies but in the meantime, we must wait. We wait because the Bible does not promise ease on this side of heaven

February 12 | How to deal with anxiety (resources)

Excerpt: Remember Worshipping Christ will always show itself to be your greatest aid in the midst of any hardship not the least of which the anxious spirit. 

This CCFS Newsletter contains several resources on anxiety including sermons, music and a lecture from R.C. Sproul.

February 19 | transformed by the power of the gospel (article)

Excerpt: As we come to Christ according to his invitation, we learn to trust his invitation on a daily basis, believing that he is able to provide the rest we need in midst of our distress. This is a new habit that must be developed and nurtured on a daily basis. And over time, God graciously supplies our need through the Spirit by making us new people even in our pain and hardship.

February 20 | do you have an instagram account

Do you have an Instagram account?  If so, please consider following me.  Here are some posts. 

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