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June 3 | This is not my home

Excerpt: But grief doesn’t always make sense.  Sadness and the pain of loss can make the flesh confused and mixed-up at times, and in such a way that turns rational thoughts upside-down or at least prompts irrational thoughts to attempt to supplant the rational ones. 

June 10 | Next time you’re angry, ask yourself

Excerpt: Here are three questions to ask yourself next time you’re angry or you notice afterwards that a recent outburst was not God honoring or very loving to the person on the receiving end. These questions will hopefully strike a cord and they don’t only apply to those who might be outwardly and obviously upset. These questions apply just as much to the person who “keeps their emotions to themselves.”

June 17 | Depressed since my youth

Excerpt: I work with many depressed teenagers who are often afflicted, on a regular basis, with thoughts of wanting to die, battling with unsafe behaviors such as promiscuity, cutting, substance use, AWOLing and crime. There is a underlying, latent wish to die. 

June 24 | Control issues (Part 1 of 2)

Except: If you happen to be someone who knows how prone you are to feel as if you need to control things or people in your life AND you want to change, then here is the secret to that change: Change what you’re most convinced of in your life.

June 29 | Death of a spouse – Part II

Excerpt: Death is horrible and powerful. Yet something more powerful than death is the goodness of God in the wake of it. God’s goodness in the wake of death is the reality of His presence with us as we face it.  He is present in our hearts (2 Cor 4:6); in our thoughts (Ps 77:11-12); by his Spirit (Eph 2:22); He is present with us as we feed on his Word (John 1:14); as we worship with his people (Ps 68:35); as we sit under the preaching of the gospel (Matt 28:19-20); and as we partake of his Supper (1 Cor 11:26)

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