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January 1 – Welcome to 2022 | Looking to Christ

January 3 – 2022 Overview Plan | Including 2022 bible reading plan

January 7 | In the wake of grief (article)

January 14 | Death is swallowed up (Article)

January 15 | What if counseling isn’t encouraging (Article)

January 21 | Grief recovery (Resources)

Excerpt: This particular blog helpfully points out what I would describe as a misnomer regarding grief.  That is, there is a recovery to be had.  As I read the blog, I was reminded of a refrain I have echoed in my prayers over the last year that goes something like this:

Father, I want what is best for Heidi, and since your word tells us that it is better to depart and be with the Lord, away from the body, then this means that I need to want Heidi to be with you more than to be with me.

January 26 | CCFS Special accouncement

Excerpt: I have a fun update I want to share regarding the CCFS journey.

First, some background…The CCFS journey began in  Jan 2018.  My vision for CCFS was to provide professional clinical counseling from a Christian worldview.  The long term aim and hope for CCFS is to see lives transformed by the power of the gospel.

January 28 | According to the numbers

Excerpt: In a previous post, I indicated that CCFS started in January of 2018.  However, I did not see my first client until March of 2018.  CCFS is in its fourth year of counseling, so I wanted to provide visual aid to help you “see” specifically the way God has provided work – at least, according to the numbers.

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