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April 1 | Book recommendations

Excerpt: Sexual brokenness is perhaps the sorest place of shame in people’s lives.  Everyone of us is sexually broken in someway.  The hope which the gospel brings in our brokenness is that Jesus entered into our brokenness and shame in order to make us clean.

April 5 | A week or two (special series 2 of 6)

Excerpt: My dear brother whom I mentioned a few weeks ago who is facing death has a benefit I never enjoyed.  Today, his doctor “gave” him a prognosis of “a week or two”. So, while I plan to share more over the next week or two, I want to share with you what is on my heart and mind right in this moment…if a doctor gave you a prognosis of a week or two…what would you do differently…

April 8 | Suffering together (Special Series 3 of 6)

Except: This afternoon, I had the privilege of reading 1 Cor 12:12-26 to my dying friend.  It was today’s morning reading, and I waited all day with eager anticipation to share this passage with him, and maybe even share a couple personal thoughts that came to mind.  I read him this passage twice, about an hour apart from each other.  At one point when we were letting him rest, he cried out for his bride asking if she can make sure he would no longer be left alone

April 10 | death & resurrection

Excerpt: “I used to tell people I was dying but now I tell them that I’ll just see them at the resurrection of the dead.”

An interview with Mike and Denise.

April 15 | Do you understand (2022 Easter series)

Today is Good Friday.  Next to Resurrection Sunday, today is the most important day in the history of the universe. That is not hyperbole.  It is true.  A key question, however, regarding the events of a day like today is: Do we understand its significance?

April 16 | Ultimate rest (2022 Easter series)

Excerpt: On Good Friday, Christ took on, in him, the wrath of the Father.  The veil was torn and forgiveness of sin without the blood of bulls and goats is now fully possible because of the blood of his Son.

April 17 | A Promise fulfilled (2022 easter series)

Excerpt: Jesus fulfilled the greatest promise he could ever make: He rose from the dead.  What we celebrate today in the resurrection of Jesus is yet another fulfilled promise.

April 22 | Life after resurrection (Part I of II)

Excerpt: Death has no power over you or I.  This is true because Christ rose from the dead.  Yet, this truth can lose its punch only days after we celebrate the Lord’s rising from the dead.  Why?  At least one reason includes our static weakness of flesh.  We are easily overcome by the problems of this world and the burdens of the day.  So I know it’s only been a few days since our mutual celebration of Christ putting death to death, but let me ask you, how is your spirit?

April 25 | Mike is with jesus (Special series 4 of 6)

Excerpt: I received a text at 4AM this morning from Denise (Mike’s wife). “Ed, Mike is with Jesus.”

April 29 | When Friends die (Special Series 5 of 6)

Excerpt: Part of me does not particularly like talking about death but I know I must.  My career as a counselor is built on a presupposition that we are a suffering people and on some level dying.  If we are not dying on the outside like Mike and Heidi, then some are dying on the inside, struggling with a wide variety of problems and pain, mental and emotional; anguish, distress, difficulty and hardships.

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