The Mission of CCFS

The primary mission of Christian Counseling Family Services is to serve children and families by providing professional clinical counseling services from a Christian worldview.

CCFS also provides content such as The Counseling Conversations which include counseling related Articles, Q/A Blog, Book Reviews, Sermon and Hymn suggestions, product or service recommendations and more.

The Vision of CCFS

To see the lives of children and families transformed by the power of The Gospel; that individuals will no longer walk alone in their struggles; that folks will see that God is loving and just; that the Bible does speak to every issue and concern of life; that biblical community is the better way; that christian service can help change your heart; that family matters and that no matter what happens in our lives we grow in a deeper and more abiding awareness that God is near the brokenhearted and he is on the side of weak, poor and downtrodden – that ultimately, God is our best and lasting hope. Thus, the transforming power of the gospel begins.

How will this happen?

Well, “may part” is actually quite small comparatively speaking.  What I do is integrate my professional counseling training and experience with truths and principles from the Bible.  To say another way – I incorporate a Christian worldview in the course of counseling conversations, helping others with their struggles and problems in living.  At the end of the day, a key question in how we work through difficulty isn’t so much what does this professional think; rather, what does God think?  This is the crux of the beginning toward seeing things from a Christian worldview.  I want to help Renew Hope, Strengthen Families, No Matter the Challenge.