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May 6 | The best is yet to come (Special series 6 of 6)

Excerpt: A friend recently asked if there are things I wish I could say to him.  If there were things I would say, they would be questions.  I would ask him to tell me more about Jesus; how to handle a difficult situation; I would questions about being a husband; about being a dad; about being a man. I would want to know as much as I could about his heart. 

May 13 | Life after resurrection (part II of II)

Excerpt: When we see the risen Christ as he is meant to be seen, no amount of suffering can infiltrate our joy.

We are one month out from Resurrection Sunday – does your heart still sense the Resurrection Life in Christ?  A few weeks ago, I mentioned that death has no power over you or I.  But, what are we to do when the power of the cross and the resurrection of Christ feels as if it has lost its luster?

May 20 | Where is God – PArt 2 of 2 (article)

Excerpt: sometimes, in our suffering, we must learn to listen to the apparent silence of God so that we can examine our expectations of what we believe God is “supposed” to do in response to our pain. God has the prerogative of silence, but we must also always realize, he has already spoken. He will not speak anything new. Rather, he will, by his Spirit, use his Word to cause you to hear what is he saying to you in your pain.

May 24 | GRieve with those who grieve

Excerpt: Jesus wept over Jerusalem, and it is appropriate for us to weep over Uvalde, TX.  We weep in much the same way, in that, the way of peace for Uvalde, for Jerusalem, for you and I is Jesus.

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