This is Not My Home

I need an acquaintance and familiarity with the gospel that quenches the deepest thirst in my soul so as to give up looking for satisfaction on and in things on this side of heaven. I need Christ's comfort.  I need stability and direction.  I need to remember, albeit however painful, that this is not my home; rather, that Heaven awaits - my true home that will indeed last forever.

top view of valley near body of water

In the Wake of Grief

God is not above bringing suffering in our lives in order to further unite the body of Christ. If you are suffering, if you are grieving, if you are lost and alone, may I encourage you to consider taking hope that comfort is available in Christ's body; that is, the church of God. Bring yourself closer to Christ's body, and so when you suffer, you can see and experience and learn that suffering is a community activity that brings you closer to Christ himself.