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Two Ways God’s Wisdom Saves You

The saving feature of wisdom encompasses the totality of our lives. We are confronted from all sides with temptation to sin. This temptation isn't exclusive to men for woman face the same temptation to sin as men. I think Solomon's aim, however, in framing how wisdom will save is to highlight the totality of our lives. That is, all around us we face temptations to sin and in all circumstances we need God's wisdom to avoid sin. This helps punctuate the idea that who we are exposed to and influenced by determines the degree of exposure to temptation to sin.

Words Matter

The one who rightly guards his mouth is intimately acquainted with the readiness of the sin in his heart and realizes, knowing in advance, that his words can be his undoing; that his words may harm others and pierce like a sword and could possibly even destroy his neighbor; that words have power to not only ruin the life of others, but even his own life...his own soul (as Henry puts it).