2022 In Review –

By the grace of God, the CCFS viewership has continued to grow over the last 2 years. Consider passing along these blogs, articles and hymn reviews that others may benefit from them.

Below is a list of the top 10 Most read blogs, articles and hymn review throughout 2022.

1. True Wisdom Comes from God 

Excerpt: True wisdom comes from the mouth of God. The wisdom that you and I need for daily living is found only in God and comes from the mouth of God. This may be obvious in many ways…that wisdom comes from God; yet, on the heals of Proverbs 2:1-5, Solomon punctuates the point in verse 6 as a point of finality. 

2. What is professional clinical counseling from a Christian worldview

Excerpt: The purpose of this article is to start a conversation about what exactly I mean by the phrase, Professional Clinical Counseling From A Christian Worldview. There are many in the field of professional counseling and therapies who are not necessarily inclined to wonder what God thinks about a given situation.   

3. City Alight – Jesus, Strong and Kind (Hymn Review)

Excerpt: This song contains several rich references to the security we have in knowing Jesus, and experiencing relationship with him in such a way where we trust and believe that he is indeed our ultimate hope, our true strength, our great and mighty shield. 

4. Control Issues (Part 1 of 2)

Excerpt: By this point, I’ve tried to paint a broad enough picture to help us realize that in reality, we all have ‘control issues’. The problem really isn’t so much identifying whether we have it (because we know we do); rather, the problem is to what degree, and to what degree are we aware of what drives or “empowers” our need for control.

5. Empathy in Counseling

Excerpt: Empathy according to the Bible enables us to respond to these presuppositions as well as properly orient us on how to employ empathy in a way to achieve optimal counseling outcomes. So what is empathy according to the Bible? Quite simply, empathy according to the Bible is less about a skill set to develop and more about a person for us to know. The person I am referring to is Jesus.

6. When I go Home, (Hymn Review)

Excerpt: It is hymn of this sort that the suffering soul needs to hear and needs to sing over and over. This hymn reminds us of perhaps the most simple, poignant, powerful and important promise of all of Scripture – that someday we will be with God, He will be with us and all of our suffering will end.

7. Our Sex Life is Troubled by Past Abuse (mini-book review)

Excerpt: The booklet is co-authored by a counseling professor with Reformed Theological Seminary, Nate Brooks, PhD as well as Anna Mondal, a writer and counselor in San Diego, CA. They each approach this topic with humility, openness, honesty and with an unwavering commitment to the sufficiency of the Bible to help us with sexual issues in our marriage.

8. Wisdom, the Greatest Desire

Excerpt: What do you want most in your life? Freedom from burdens? To get married and have a family? Career opportunities? More money? More time? More choices? More authority and responsibilities? More status? More this and more that?

In a casual reading of Proverbs 9:1-11, we get a poignant reminder that if there is anything that we ought to desire most in our lives, it ought to be wisdom. Not for wisdom’s sake but because by the Scriptures’s own testimony, nothing you desire can compare with wisdom (vs. 11).

9. What’re My God Ordains is Right (Hymn Review)

Excerpt; I first heard this song around the spring of 2005, when I first learned of Indelible Grace and the RUF ministry. I fell in love with their revivals of old hymns put to new music. This one was especially helpful to me at the time. I was growing steadily in my faith, but I distinctly remember wrestling with some of the doctrines of the sovereignty of God, trying to pin down exactly why was it the case that God would create a person whom he knew in advance would not be saved.

10. City Alight – What Love My God (Hymn Review)

Excerpt: The love of God is God revealing himself to us and coming to us
The love of God is Jesus offering life in a way that nothing else ever could
The love of God dies for us sinners like you and me, in our worst possible state
The love of God is redemptive, it is full and entirely complete