A book review on: Caring for One Another by Ed Welch

Caring for One Another is perfect for small group discussions or even 1:1 to 1:3 smaller meet-ups. I particularly like how each chapter is actually referred to as a lesson. I think this has to do with the idea that we are all (together) coming under the Word learning from the Word how to care for one another. We learn from no better master and servant than that of Jesus, the Son of God – the best lesson-giver of all time.

The Lessons are short and can be read within minutes. However, please be prepared for a fair share of deep and probing questions. While there is a kind of simplicity to them, the simplicity (in my view) represents the most plain way we can consciously seek to be transparent, open and honest. Movement toward the heart of what makes gospel-centered relationships thrive at their very best are not filled with lengthy verbiage or nuanced philosophical idioms; rather, they a laden with a simple and unassuming curiosity born out of humble love of neighbor. A sample question in the book: Have you ever asked another person to pray for you? How did it go?

One of the things that Ed Welch reveals (and I firmly believe in as well) is that caring for one another in a way that truly moves us toward greater and greater maturity isn’t a task left only for the “professional”. As a professional counselor myself, I realize that about 90% (not a true scientific statistic) of the work I do in the counseling office can be done by someone else (a non-professional) who knows when to speak and when to listen; one who takes great care to ask good and wise questions at the right time, and is unafraid of whatever it is we will see as we learn to love and walk together in our pilgrimage toward Heaven.

A Sneak Peak – ‘LEsson’ titles

Lesson 1: With all Humility
Lesson 2: Move Toward Others
Lesson 3: Know the Heart
Lesson 4: Know the Critical Influences
Lesson 5: Be Personal and Pray
Lesson 6: Talk about Suffering
Lesson 7: Talk about Sin
Lesson 8: Remember and Reflect


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